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Selector editor

Generate selector easily for Minecraft

Selection type

Players/Entities number

How many players/entites the command need select ?

Search center position

X: Y: Z:

Center position for entites searching (default: the position of the player/command bloc that run the command)

Search type

Search zone

X: Y: Z:
Search distance for each axes (relative to the search center position).

Player gamemode

Experience Level

Min: Max:

Name of the player/entity


Ajouter un score


Trick: Check the "Invert Search" with no team name to select all player without any team

Vertical view angle

Min: Max:
Value between -90 (look the sky) et 90 (look the ground). The 0 value means an horizontal view front of your character.

Horizontale view angle

Min: Max:
Value between -180 and 180. -180 = 180 = North (Z-), -90 = East (X+), 0 = South (Z+), +90 = West (X-)


UUID of the Player/Entity

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