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Toxic gas

Toxic gas for Minecraft by Jakkafang

Raw Cod<br>
Fermented Spider Eye<br>
Rotten Flesh<br>
Water Bottle<br><span class='potion_list'><span class='potion_base'>No Effects</span><br/></span><br>
Lingering Potion of Poison<br><span class='potion_list'><span class='potion_negatif'>Poison (0:22)</span><br/></span><br>
Toxic gas
by JakkafangJakkafang
a poisonous gas made with toxic substances, Yuck! (if the items in this are unobtainable, know that my recipes are made to be used together and are balanced, but are not made for use with other people`s recipes) if you want more of my recipes just search jakkafang

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